How to Do Your First or Next Deal
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Step-by-step blueprint to closing YOUR FIRST (or next) DEAL using little to no money.


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Hi! My name is Matt Theriault. I’m the guy behind, the Your First Deal course, and one of the top real estate podcasts on iTunes.

I'm a fifth-generation California native and Desert Storm Veteran (USMC) and have worked as a full-time real estate professional since 2003.

After building a small real estate empire with barely one dime of my own money or one point of my own credit (mostly because I was lacking both), I discovered that I have a knack for simplifying the complicated, implementing systems, and producing desirable results for myself and others.

I’m really just an ordinary guy who once had a goal to be successful in real estate investing and become a master of the “multiple streams of passive income” concept.

After mastering the real estate investing game, I felt writing and teaching was the next logical step in my career. Because of the issues surrounding our economy today, I am especially interested in informing the public of what multiple streams of income, cash flow, and real estate investing can do for them.

I am grateful for my friends, associates, mentors, and community for how they’ve empowered me to pursue and achieve so many of my dreams. is simply an outlet for me to share what I’ve learned and give back.

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Are You Lacking Confidence?
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Struggling to Find the Time?
I'll show you how to eliminate wasted time and automate your lead generation and follow-up. I'll even teach you how to use the right strategies to scale your business so you can eventually replace your full-time income altogether.

Not Sure What to Do and Say When You Have a Deal?
I'll give you the knowledge and expertise to perform as if you've been doing deals for years.

Starting With Little or No Money?
That's exactly why I created this course. I'll teach you the strategies I used when I was bagging groceries and HAD to find a way out of the rat race after the digital download killed my music production business.

Need a Simple, Step-By-Step System?
I'll show you, step-by-step, how I built my business - and how hundreds of my students have as well. There's no guesswork or wasting time trying to "figure things out."

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Close Your First or Next Deal with Little or No Money

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: I can only accept 2-3 students per city (depending on size).

If your city is full, we will add you to the waiting list.